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For Youths and Students

Invent 2020

With paradigm shift in the world economy, many changes are coming to the fore every day in the human life. But is only much later that the realization set in that there are people whose livelihoods could be affected due to the changes in the world economy, foreign trade and global policy.


Some of the knowledge relating to those changes has been disseminated through published research and conference presentations, but much knowledge has not been formally documented or exists only in unpublished reports or within the skulls of eminent.


Shedding light on the undisclosed knowledge from the unpublished sector and within the intellect minds will help youngsters and deserving groups to envision a path to a common future.


INVENT 2020 is a bridge between those knowledge deserving ones and intellect minds. The purpose of INVENT 2020 Meet to one to make both knowledge deservers and intellect minds meet and unpublished information more accessible to a wider audience and so to contribute to global efforts to develop and scale up effective fore-castings on global policy tomorrow.


An INVENT 2020 Meet is an event where students, researchers and other interesting people meet to hear the lectures of special invitees from academics, administrative and industrial streams, and is an opportunity to interact with such personalities in order of learning by sharing views.


Please contact for more details on upcoming Ilakku 2020


M.Nilavarasu Kannan

Consultant, EROSE,

68, Nadar Medu,

Poonthurai Road, Erode,

Tamilnadu – 638 002

Call: (0) 9245405065