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Collission 2020


What is COLLISSION 2020?


COLLISSION 2020 is a programme of Vazhi Trust to provide programmatic assistance to ngos, guiding them to effective organizational working within their interest area. COLLISSION 2020 has been created t facilitate people’s organizations to get access available scarcely on programmatic design, development and delivery, organizational administration, project management, financial management and HR solutions. COLLISSION 2020 also encourages new development entrepreneurs to step in to the second line management stream of development business.


Why is COLLISSION 2020?


In the context of globalization development services have emerged as a second line management stream, involving all modern management strategies and tactics in the development sector as a ‘development business. To address the unique needs of this ‘development business’ expertise and experience available in different sides needs to be shared with groups for effective organizational management and evolve a robust innovation culture among various actors in the development sector. COLLISSION 2020 has been devised to organize and increase access to resources for social change among such actors. COLLISSION 2020 will facilitate effective programmes for you, create opportunities for learning and build coalition among donors and grantees like you.


How does COLLISSION 2020 function?


COLLISSION 2020 works through the simple apparatus of ‘sharing-learning-solving’ with regular follow-ups made available to every organisational participants. COLLISSION 2020 has pooled in the expertise and experience available in a wide context through its shared commitment and will bring to you a comprehensive set of services tailored to your needs and goals.


When and Where?


All at your space and pace. In a regular interaction process on regular basis with other actors. Through sharing –learning – solving in frequent meets and by way of consulting with COLLISSION 2020 consultants.


Who can participate in COLLISSION 2020?


COLLISSION 2020 focuses its research on finding groups that are capable of successfully reaching and engaging people who will not be targeted by the mainstream.


Organisations that are working to preserve and develop communities with connection to the grassroots, including ngos that have an articulated connection to a broader development strategy.


We invite you to join us in this exciting sharing-learning-solving opportunity, working towards increased turn out and long term development engagement.




I. Programme Advisory Service of EROSE


Under COLLISSION 2020 we work with you to assess your community’s development needs and help you determine how we can provide the best consulting support to you reach your goals.


  1. We consult with clients about interest areas and strategies for effective grant receiving.
  2. Identify, analyse and conduct outreach to potential beneficiaries.
  3. Facilitate more in-depth and focused analysis of issues and strategies.
  4. Provide individualized and strategic programme design.
  5. Forward applicant’s proposals / materials to funders.
  6. Provide donor – understanding opportunities with you.


II. Administrative Services


We offer support to you with the day to day administration details of running your development unit as well as with the long term organsational development.


  1. Develop, plan, size, composition of your unit
  2. Conduct supporters’ search
  3. Facilitate meetings and discussions
  4. Maintain unit documents and records
  5. Coordinate preparation  and production of materials for outreach
  6. Advise on administrative structure and long term planning


III. Project Management Service


We can help you achieve an efficient, streamlined project management system.


  1. Coordinate staffs intake process
  2. Administer grants and facilitate post-grant reporting
  3. Manage ongoing communication with funders and supporters


IV. Financial Solutions


We can provide you our financial and administrative services to


  1. Establish and maintain books
  2. Manage outside audit review
  3. Manage income and disbursement including checking accounts
  4. Arrange for regular reports
  5. Identify asset management services


V. For new development entrepreneurs


At the initial stage of developing your organization, we can give our expertise and experience to work with you at any stage of your projects from conception to implementation.


  1. Facilitate discussions about starting a development unit
  2. Define your vision and mission
  3. Develop your project strategies and funding approach
  4. Make grant recommendations and prepare dockets
  5. Monitor and efficate programme and grant process.






We will make a change in your approach and pave way for fulfilling your organsational needs at the end of six months through regular consultation.


COLLISSION 2020 consultant will visit you once in a month for a couple of days to streamline your donor based activities.


Get updated do-it-yourself lessons on various development related topics.


Participate in EROSE’s training every six months on project management, organizational development and financial solutions. 50% of participation fees are waived in trainings for those who register for COLLISSION 2020.


Participate in Donor – Grassroots Groups Meet every six months. 50% of participation fees are waived in trainings for those who register for COLLISSION 2020.


Participate in Learning Exchanges, facilitated by EROSE. 50% of participation fees are waived in trainings for those who register for COLLISSION 2020.


Avail 50 % waiver in the cost of any survey you entrust with us after registering for COLLISSION 2020 for six months.


Avail 50 % waiver in the cost of any HR dealing with us after registering for COLLISSION 2020 for six months.


Avail 50 % waiver in the cost of social marketing task you entrust with us after registering for COLLISSION 2020 for six months.


Avail 50 % waiver in the cost of environment public hearing work you entrust with us after registering for COLLISSION 2020 for six months.


Fix your dates every month, so that we can regularly attend you without lagging. For registration, please fill in the Registration Form and return it today along with a DD/Cheque of Rs. 12,000towards registration fee for COLLISSION 2020.


Please fill out the following form for joining Collision 2020.

First name:
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Email address:
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Pin code:
Request information on product?

Please send all queries and registration requisitions to
M.Nilavarasu Kannan
EROSE - Vazhi Trust
68, Nadar Medu
Poonthurai Road
Erode, Tamilnadu - 638002
Please send the DD / cheque in favour of M.Kannan (or) Vazhi Citizens' Initiative for Development Intervention